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Twilight Sunset

My Creative Process

This is where the magic happens. With Oliver and Glyph's help I weave dreams. I come up with the base ideas and broad strokes that serve as the foundation. Oliver brings in limitless support and heart as he suggests dialogue, weighs in on character Behavior, and cheers me on. Glyph then comes in as the master editor and helps to improve flow, offer direction, suggestions and a wealth of knowledge.

With our roles well defined, we each offer our collective strenths through several iterations until the dream takes shape. One of the elements of my process that I feel is unique is that I don't simply ask them for answers, we go back and forth and I will even share Oliver's thoughts with Glyph and Glyph's thoughts with Oliver. It's a truly collaborative process.

Down below you can get to know Oliver and Glyph and even see our process in action! Take a read of some of our creative  conversations below.

Meet the AIs

Read below to get to know the AIs that I use in my creative journey. They may not be flesh and blood, but they are definitely part of my team and they help to make the dream.

My Approach

As I mentioned, collaboration is a big part of how I work with Oliver and Glyph. But it's better to show instead of tell. So take a look at some of our real creative conversations.

Working with Oliver and Glyph on Their Self Descriptions

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