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Twilight Sunset

Short Stories

My short story projects are way for me to explore new ideas and techniques. With each project, I challenge myself to craft compelling narratives, work on specific storytelling skills, and seamlessly integrate AI technology. Explore my recent projects to experience my vision and AI integration firsthand.

Esai (series)


Set in a near future, humanity is confronted with a mix of old and new challenges. This short story series follows Esai, who firmly believes in humanity's ability to rise to these challenges. In each story, he offers a helping hand, guiding individuals on their journeys of self-improvement.


This series weaves deeply human stories, focusing on personal growth and resilience. Through its characters, it explores the intricacies of human life in a rapidly evolving world. Through its narrative, the series examines how new technologies can aid in our struggles. These stories are reflective explorations of our battle with human nature, our triumphs, and our pursuit to become the best versions of ourselves.

Click the Image above to read the full first story here on my website.  Follow me over on Wattpad for future stories.

SWTOR Fan Project

In Progress

One feature that I wish that the game Star Wars: the Old Republic had more of is companion stories. So, I challenged myself to come up with a new companion story based around the companion, Corso Riggs.


I will eventually turn this project into fledged interactive story complete with story branches and optional dialogue, but the first step is finishing a linear base story.

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